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Office campus

The Corporate Campus

Private Networks built with 5G wireless technology are quick to deploy and provide corporate campuses with a secure and collaborative environment for all employees. They support critical infrastructure with low latency and high bandwidth. From the office building to city wide, private networks by Xtreme Enterprises are built specifically for your needs.

Doctor using connected technology in a private network designed for a medical campus


In medical environments, security and low latency are paramount. Ericsson radios are designed with security at the core - engineered with Ericsson Silicon. Private networks built with Ericsson radios support advancements in medical technology and time critical operations. Low latency and high bandwidth give doctors the ability to perform functions that save patient's lives.

energy private networks


Critical information when you need it. Monitor, maintain and operate private networks in the energy sector environments. Operating with extremely low latency, private networks built with Ericsson radios and microwave solutions give engineers near real-time reporting. In addition, Ericsson designs its equipment with emerging technology in mind enabling users to upgrade software from the ground rather than units on poles or towers.

security cameras monitoring town street


Municipalities benefit from private networks built with LTE and 5G. From city hall to city streets, government employees can be connected to a highly secure network that spans blocks or miles. Connect cameras, municipal drivers and parking meters to monitor daily activity. Secure private networks for emergency services such as fire and police can be deployed in weeks rather than months.

Ericsson Radio 4408

With the Radio 4408, Ericsson is redefining the concept of indoor small cells with the industry’s most cost-effective and modular high-performance indoor/outdoor radio system, addressing a wider range of indoor environments with a common solution. The system has a clear operational benefit for the operators, as well as for IT managers, CIO’s, building owners and managers who may be responsible for multi-location business and campuses where buildings can greatly vary in size and user traffic.

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Products Ready to Ship

Xtreme Enterprises maintains a 30,000 sqft. warehouse in Pennsylvania with products ready to ship. Get your network up and running in days rather than years.