5G Trial Results

5G FWA Field Test

Xtreme Enterprises, in partnership with Ericsson, deployed a new 5G Fixed Wireless Broadband network in Horseheads, NY. Field tests conducted on April 9, 2024 confirmed high throughputs and ultra low latency throughout the test area. Test location distances range between <1 mile to 6.45 miles with download speeds reaching 1.2Gbps!

These amazing results prove that 5G is a viable, cost-effective solution for fixed wireless network deployments. Benefits include quick deployment, greater reach, ultra-low latency, superior user experience and future-proof technology.

5G Fixed Wireless technology goes beyond the reach of fiber, not just in terms of connecting more people in rural communities, but also in TCO. The desire to build with 5G is growing worldwide. Xtreme Enterprises is helping ISPs, municipalities, and other businesses and organizations to design and implement broadband networks built with the latest in 5G technology.

5G Trial Results


10 locations tested with distances ranging from .83 to 6.4 miles. Speeds recorded using Speedtest.net, Fast.com, and Iperf3. Tests performed on tripod at 6′ AGL with 2 CPEs.

About the Equipment

The Ericsson AIR 3268 is a MIMO 5G antenna with 200 watts of output power, 32 transceivers and passive cooling. Its light weight of 12 kg allows for easy installation on towers and rooftops. The device is optimised for 5G mid-band Massive MIMO performance, offering high bandwidth and excellent energy efficiency. Thanks to its size and weight, the AIR 3268 simplifies upgrades and new site acquisitions, even in locations where footprint may be a challenge.

Deep Sleep for Massive MIMO and Remote Radios portfolio can hibernate while consumers and businesses are asleep.

Low traffic hours enable substancial energy savings potential on each radio and site. Deep Sleep saves around 70% of the energy otherwise consumed by hibernating the radio when there is little or no traffic.

This portfolio-wide Massive MIMO Intelligent Cell Shaping software improves coverage with intelligent automation, gives more precise cell shapes matching the user distribution, reduces inter-cell interference and improves capacity and load balancing with up to 35 percent higher cell edge user throughput.

Ericsson’s award-winning unique Interference Sensing is portfolio-wide Massive MIMO software, that minimizes inter-cell interference and increases network capacity by up to 40 percent.

Ericsson Silicon is built on a custom-made, flexible, and modular architecture. This is what makes Ericsson 5G radio solutions the high performers they are. At the same time, it optimizes weight, size, energy consumption and as a result total cost of ownership (TCO). Compared to industry benchmark, the RAN Compute portfolio consumes 30-60% less power which is enabled by Ericsson Silicon.

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5G Fixed Wireless Solutions

Building a network is a big investment. Reach more people with less investment with 5G fixed wireless solutions by Xtreme Enterprises. 


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