Network Services

Xtreme Enterprises offers quality 5G Network Services to ensure your sites launch without a hitch.


Xtreme Enterprises provides project management services to help facilitate the implementation and activation of your sites.  Xtreme Enterprises has individuals who are familiar with tower installation, microwave connectivity, IP connectivity, and routing to assist in the planning, design, and implementation phases.  We will work with you in order to make sure that the whole process goes as smooth as possible. 

Office setting showing man at a computer performing network services.

Equipment Staging

We offer full-service equipment staging from our warehouse.  90% of our equipment shipments are sent in a fully configured cabinet or shelf.  This provides for quick and efficient site installation.

  • Dimension power plant
  • Install power and distribution panel
  • Confirm power configuration redundancy
  • Install and configure routers
  • Install and configure Base Band (BBU) or Radio Processor (RP)
  • Install surge protection
  • Securely ship to your warehouse or directly to the site.
  • Cabinet Bases are shipped in advance so you can drop the cabinet on the preinstalled base.


Quality Customer Premise Equipment (CPEs) are as important to your network as the gNode and every other component.  We test and provide feedback to our customers with any CPE they consider.  We have numerous CPE vendors sending samples to our lab before they are generally available so we can test and validate the CPE in a live network environment.

We confirm the device performs as expected using blind comparisons to other vendors.  We confirm signal levels (received and transmitted), QAM rates, Carrier Aggregation and Frequency combinations and final up and downstream throughput.

Site Integration

Xtreme Enterprises strives to ensure that the installation and upgrades to your networks are smooth and efficient. We do all of the network prep work before we ship your sites to you.

  • All your network settings and configurations are pre-loaded at our warehouse prior to shipment for ease of installation at your location.
  • Software upgrades for all equipment ordered are completed prior to shipment
  • Google SAS frequency for CBRS spectrum sharing

Site optimization

Xtreme Enterprises offers on-site or remote Optimization network services of new or existing eNode (4G LTE) or gNode (5G NR) sites.

Every carrier, sector, radio, antenna, and base node are evaluated.  We measure signal levels and SINR at multiple radials and distances.  We then compare against the anticipated ranges and then coordinate a planned approach to give our customers the optimal settings for site performance.

For new sites this creates a historical baseline to compare against for future troubleshooting or expansion planning.  For existing sites this process can assist in identifying issues at the site which may have changed over time.

5G Solutions

State of the art technology built with forward thinking design and 3GPP Standards


Solutions for Band 48 Applications

Ericsson Radios

Air 6488
Air 3268
Radio 4408


Solutions for Band 41 Applications

Ericsson Radios

Air 6419
Air 4435
Radio 8863


Backhaul Solutions for your Fixed Wireless Network

Ericsson Microwave

Router 6675
Mini Link 6352