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Uptime Institute Certified Award for Xtreme Data Center in Plano Texas offerin 5G Hosted Solutions for Fixed Wireless Networks

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Xtreme Enterprises Hosted Solutions for Your network on Our Core in Plano, TX

Trust your network to Xtreme Enterprises. Our Standalone Core in Plano, TX is an Uptime Institute Certified TIER III Facility. Some of our features include:

  • 100Gbps redundant network backbone
  • Nationwide IP transit blend using 3 Tier I ISPs peered in 9 diverse metro areas
  • 6-zone security access and Round-the-clock security and technical staff
  • Physical environment, power delivery, generator and diesel fuel infrastructure monitoring
  • HITRUST CSF and PCI DSS compliant site
  • Distributed redundant 4:3 UPS

5G SA Core


5G SA, as is inferred by the name does not need another technology to operate.  5G SA can use very large channel sizes resulting in higher speeds.

Larger channels also have an impact on the ability to deliver service in more non-pr near-line of sight environments.

5G NSA Core


5G NSA requires the use of a LTE anchor band and then utilizes the secondary channel as a 5G channel allowing for greater throughtput.  

NSA is not as efficient as SA but it is a great step toward full SA deployments.

LTE core

The LTE core is based on years of development and innovation from around the globe.  There are millions of LTE sites and connections in place today.


ENM is an OSS platform, and suite of Network Management applications supporting operation and maintenance of Radio, Transport, and Core networks. The ENM provides our customers with a host of applications under one shared platform to manage their network. 

  • Collection Management Collection Management is an application supporting the administration of data groups (for example: groups of Network Elements, or groups of Network Resources). 
  • Topology Browser is a tree browser supporting the rendering of data and navigation through data models. This application also supports parameter tuning. 
  • Alarm Monitor is a live alarm viewer, with integrated Alarm Details and Alarm OPI publication.
  • Alarm Search is an application supporting Search functions for both live and historical alarms.  
  • Alarm Overview is a dashboard application supporting various widgets/components capturing aspects of fault management and fault management summaries. 
  • Alarm Supervision Status is an application used to view and control the administration of alarm management (whether ENM subscribes for and manages alarm streams) from all network elements. 
  • Network Explorer is an application supporting data search and grouping capabilities with powerful querying capability. This application also supports parameter tuning. 


Xtreme Enterprises provides daily reports that are automatically generated and sent via email. These reports provide Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will enable you to monitor the performance of your network. The KPIs are provided in graphical as well as raw data form. Reviewing the graphical presentation enables you to check with a quick glance if the performance appears to be as expected. If an anomaly appears you can refer to the tab with the raw data to help determine what the issue might be. If there is a need for historical trends, we can run historical reports with daily numbers to see where an issue might have started.

Monitor Signal Levels
Monitor User Throughput
Monitor for Interference
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