Radios for EBS/BRS
Band-41 Applications

Ericsson AIR 6419

The AIR 6419 from the Ericsson product portfolio, is a lightweight massive MIMO radio with 64 transceivers supporting 200MHz bandwidth and generating 320W output power. 

The AIR 6419 supports both stand-alone (SA) 5G and non-standalone (NSA) deployments and can be used in urban, suburban and rural areas.

At 20 kilos each, or about 44 pounds, the radios are 45% lighter than the previous generation and 20% more energy efficient.

●Advanced Antenna System (AAS)
●64TX/64RX with 192 AE
●Antenna configuration: (3×1)x(4×8) 
●Up to 320W
●EIRP up to 79 dBm
●Up to 200 MHz IBW
●Max total carrier BW is 200MHz for NR, or 100MHz for LTE
●2 x 25 Gbps eCPRI
●Weight: 20 – 30 kg (band dependent)
●Size (H x W x D): Band Dependent
●-48 VDC (3-wire or 2-wire)
●-40 to +55 ̊C
●Support number of layers: DL/UL 16/8

Ericsson 8863

The macro Radio 8863 is an 8T/8R radio with up to 8x50W output power. As part of the Ericsson Radio System portfolio, Radio 8863 has best in class design when it comes to radio performance and power efficiency for wide area 3GPP radio products.

  • 8TX/8RX, Supports LTE and NR
  • Support split mode (2 x 4T4R or 4 x 2T2R as multi-sector solution
  • Tx Power 8x40W
  • Up to 200MHz IBW TDD
  • Up to 200MHz carrier bandwidth
  • 1/25Gbps CPRI
  • 5 liter, 23kg
  • External antenna calibration
  • -48 VDC 3-wire
  • AISG RET support via RS-485 or RF connectors

Ericsson 4435

Designed with a concise shape, AIR 4435 reduces visual footprint in sensitive urban, street-level installations. Its attractive exterior is matched by the advanced technology inside. The radio product is easy to carry and install (horizontally and vertically) and powered by Ericsson 5G technology that allows communications service providers to efficiently use space, energy, and spectrum in their commercial 5G rollouts. Usability and ergonomics also ensure that installers can handle this product in harsh environments.

AIR 4435 is a single band, TDD Antenna-integrated radio unit with 4 transmitters and 4 receivers. The output power is 4×20 W and the Instantaneous Bandwidth (IBW) is up to 160MHz.

  • +/- 45° polarization, >14.5 dBi gain 65° horizontal half power beam width, 14° vertical HPBW
  • MIMO Support 4×2 or 4×4
  • Up to 750W power consumption
  • AC or -48VDC
  • 59 lbs 
csm 2021 PD RD 2a96fb376b

Ericsson 4418

  • 4TX/4RX, Supports LTE and NR
  • Support split mode (2 x 4T4R as multi-sector solution
  • Tx Power 4x20W
  • Up to 100MHz IBW TDD
  • Up to 6 LTE carriers
  • 2×2.5/5/9.8/10.1Gbps CPRI
  • 15 liter, 16kg
  • -48 VDC 2-wire
  • AISG RET support via RS-485
  • 2 external alarms
  • IP 65, -40 to +55°C

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