Radios for CBRS
Band-48 Applications

Ericsson AIR 3268

At 12 kg (26lb) and 23 liters, AIR 3268 is the lightest and smallest Massive MIMO radio in the industry. With 200W output power, 32 transceivers and passive cooling, the radio weighs about 40 percent less than the earlier generation, making installations easy not only on towers and rooftops, but also on poles and walls.

  • Real-time channel estimation and ultra-precise beamforming that improves coverage and user experience in CBRS applications
  • Lower total weight and easier installations on poles and tower locations
  • Energy-efficient
  • Massive MIMO architecture and Uplink Booster capabilities that deliver leading network performance
  • 3GPP Standards
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Ericsson Radio 4408

Radio 4408 has best in class design, superior radio performance and power efficiency when it comes to medium range 3GPP radio products.

  • Up to 6 LTE carriers and up to 100MHz NR carrier bandwidth
  • Up to 150MHz 
  • 4T4R MIMO
  • Power supply: -48 VDC or 100 – 250 VAC
  • Outdoor class with IP65
  • 3GPP Standards

Ericsson AIR 6488

AIR 6488 is a 64TR TDD AAS for NR. It has a maximum IBW of 100 MHz and maximum transmitted power of 80 W.

The AIR unit has beamforming and MU-MIMO technology, capable to fully utilize radio resources in both azimuth and elevation.

The main benefits compared to previous macro solutions are improvements in:

  • Enhanced coverage – High gain adaptive beamforming
  • Enhanced capacity – High-order spatial multiplexing and multi-user MIMO
  • Advanced RAN features – Vertical and horizontal beamforming
  • Improved network performance – Low inter-cell interference
  • AAS Advanced Antenna System
  • 64TX/64RX with 128 AE
  • Up to 16W 
  • EIRP 47 dBm (per beam)
  • Support up to 100 MHz IBW & OBW
  • Support LTE & NR
  • Max total carrier BW is 100MHz for NR, or 60MHz for LTE
  • 3 x 10 Gbps eCPRI
  • 3GPP Standards

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