Transport connects (by fiber or microwave connections) all nodes in the Radio access network (RAN) with the Core and becomes the backbone of the network. The transport networks are often divided into fronthaul and backhaul: the fronthaul connects the radio unit to the baseband and the backhaul ties the basebands to the core to fulfill use case and capacity demands. We have partnered with Ericsson to deliver a transport portfolio to deliver ubiquitous LTE and 5G coverage wherever it is needed. Scalable, flexible and cost-efficient transport solutions from Ericsson deliver superior performance to connect services everywhere.

Ericsson Transport benefits:

  • Unique combination of microwave, IP routers and integrated optical solutions. A mobile transport solution that delivers the capacity, ultra-low latency and performance capability needed to build, scale and service networks everywhere.
  • A flexible and modular portfolio that support any fronthaul or backhaul usecase, in any network architecture in a cost-efficient way.
  • Automation and seamless orchestration enables service providers to secure their radio performance while reducing complexity
  • Ericsson Network Manager manages the end-to-end network across radio, transport and core
ericsson router 6000 series orig


Ericsson Router 6000 series is a radio integrated, service provider SDN enabled IP transport portfolio managed by a single end-to-end management system. It delivers high-performance connectivity for LTE, LTE- advanced and 5G- applications.
Router 6000 series comprises a set of versatile routers offering the right capacity, resilience, and form factors for diverse challenging demands of modern backhaul networks; and provides an unprecedented experience.

Designed for 5G

  • Optimized for 10/25/100G connectivity
  • High-throughput, low-latency and best-in-class buffering
  • Hardware accelerated IPSec and high-accuracy internal clock for best 5G performance

Purpose built for Ericsson Radio System

  • Indoor and outdoor variants with Ericsson Radio System building practices for flexibility and simplified rollout
  • Common management with radio
  • Fan-less and filter-less design to minimize maintenance costs

Automated connectivity

  • Zero-touch provisioning
  • SDN based policy-driven for automated service provisioning and creation
  • Segment routing and high-scale QoS for network slicing, simplicity, scalability and infrastructure utilization
Ericsson Router 6672

Ericsson Router 6672

The Router 6672 is a high capacity aggregation router, designed to enable high quality network service delivery while at the same time lowering operating costs through features such as acompletely filter-less mechanical design. It provides a high density of 10G interfaces with right cost points in a compact and hardened 1RU form factor enabling lower rental costs and lower OPEX.

  • High 10G port density and performance

  • Precise and proven synchronization

  • 6kg / 13.2lbs

  • Typical 110 Watts PC, Max 165 Watts

Image of Ericsson microwave hop overlooking cityscape


With unmatched flexibility, MINI-LINK 6000 provides the right solution for each part of the network, all deployment scenarios and site types, enabling sound investments in line with the service providers’ needs.
The portfolio offers both split mount and all outdoor shorthaul as well as long haul solutions covering the complete microwave spectrum from 4 up to 80 GHz.

MINI-LINK 6000 offers advanced packet functionality and is supported with superior performance combined with the lowest possible cost of ownership. Microwave has a very low latency, lower than fiber, making MINI-LINK 6000 a perfect fit for 5G transport.  It also has the best power efficiency in the microwave market today (40% lower power consumption than the industry average).

Ericsson 6352


High capacity E-band radio
  • 10Gbps capacity
  • XPIC support
  • Equipment Protection
  • Multi-band booster support
  • Wireless fronthaul for eCPRI connections

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