Massive MIMO

illustration of Massive MIMO


Traditional cell sites project waves in a fixed predefined pattern, like a flood light. Sector capacity in a traditional cell site is shared amongst all the users of the cell site.

Massive MIMO cell sites project radio in narrow beams directed to the users, like spotlights.

With Multi-User MIMO, the same sector capacity resources can be re-used across multiple users in the same sector, resulting in increased capacity of the system – creating virtual sectors within a single sector.

Massive MIMO Key Benefits:

  • Increased beam-forming gain
  • Increased interference suppression capability
  • Higher SINR – Higher throughput per spatial layer
  • Increased multiplexing capacity (MU-MIMO)
  • Benefits apply to both downlink and uplink
  • 10 dB gain with Uplink Booster

Ericsson Massive MIMO Radios

What's inside
Ericsson Massive Mimo diagram of frequency layers
Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep for Massive MIMO and Remote Radios portfolio can hibernate while consumers and businesses are asleep.

Low traffic hours enable substancial energy savings potential on each radio and site. Deep Sleep saves around 70% of the energy otherwise consumed by hibernating the radio when there is little or no traffic.

Ericsson Massive MIMO interference sensing diagram
Interference Sensing

Ericsson’s award-winning unique Interference Sensing is portfolio-wide Massive MIMO software, that increases network capacity by up to 40 percent.

This capacity-boosting Interference Sensing software helped Ericsson win top GTI Award 2023 for “Innovative Breakthrough in Mobile Technology” as well as the “Outstanding Award” for significant contribution to the industry.

Uplink Booster

The Ericsson Uplink Booster contains a high performing Physical Uplink Shared Channel (PUSCH) for NR. Much of the PUSCH processing is made possible within the Intelligent antenna integrated radio (AIR) unit itself, enabling instant channel knowledge and minimal fronthaul consumption. The processing power of the Intelligent AIR and a sophisticated algorithm allows the Uplink Booster to come closer to linear receivers’ theoretical limits than any other solution, providing incredible performance with minimal fronthaul consumption. The combination of these enhancements gives greater uplink capacity and interference suppression. Learn more at

Diagram showing key features of Ericsson Massive MIMO including Uplink Booster and Ericsson Silicon
Uplink Booster

A Viable Solution Over Fiber

Massive MIMO has been used in the deployment of fixed wireless networks for over 5 years. The Ericsson Air6488 untilized LTE technology to bring high-speed internet service to rural areas where fiber was not a cost effective solution. 

Learn how Newport Utilities overcame challenging mountainous terrain and a global pandemic to extend high-speed broadband to underserved homes and businesses in rural communities.

Explore the Ericsson line of Radio Products for 5G NR Fixed Wireless Deployments

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