In the News

February 2022


Broadlinc will begin rolling out a new Fixed Wireless Access network in rural Northern Kentucky. Broadlinc is an Owen County-based provider of high-speed internet, cable television and phone services. Parts of rural Boone County have no broadband internet access. Broadlinc, in a partnership with XtremeLTE, will serve thousands of more homes if their current legacy service provider cannot meet their needs.

The network will allow Broadlinc to enhance and upgrade their new and existing customers who are served by their legacy FWA network, which used long-range Wi-Fi technology and had capacity limitations and RF interference. The new network design uses Ericsson’s Massive-MIMO 4G-LTE/5G technology and operates on Priority Access Licenses that Broadlinc acquired through the FCC’s CBRS auction in 2020. This will ensure less interference than ever before in FWA applications.

“We chose technology that is 5G ready,” Broadlinc VP of Operations, TJ Scott. “Add the Massive-MIMO features of Ericsson’s radios we’re deploying, and we have an exponential improvement in throughput and capacity over our current legacy networks. Compared to what we’ve deployed in the past, there is no comparison when it comes to the quality of the product we’re providing using this technology.”
Rural counties and communities in Northern Kentucky will be able to enjoy unthrottled, unlimited usage that far exceeds the minimum requirements of work from home, NTI schooling and bandwidth-hungry services such streaming video and gaming. 

“When looking at technology from a small business perspective, LTE can be very intimidating, which is why XtremeLTE was recommended for the job. They provide the experience and support to enable small FWA operators to deploy the same hardware and core used by cell carriers all over the world,” Scott said. “They are all very knowledgeable and have a proven track record in our industry doing exactly what we needed them to do for us.  When deploying our first LTE sites in Wayne County, XtremeLTE’s team held our hand and provided the support training and ownership of the process as if they were our own in-house team.”

“We are very excited to be supporting Broadlinc’s rural Kentucky roll out for high-speed internet,” Julie McGowan, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Sales of Xtreme LTE, said. “The combination of Ericsson’s technology and XtremeLTE’s operator experience with a full turn-key solution aligns seamlessly for Broadlinc. Our goal is to provide the technology to eliminate the Digital Divide in Rural America today.”