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Deming, NM – September 18th, 2023.


Sound Broadband, a new subsidiary of LICT(OTCMKTS: LICT) a New York-based internet service provider in partnership with Western New Mexico Communications(WNMC),, , an existing LICT company, has selected Ericsson’s industry-leading 5G solutions  through Xtreme Enterprises after a successful demonstration of near gigabit internet speeds over Fixed Wireless Access (FWA).

This demonstration was conducted in ideal field conditions using the Carrier Aggregation software capability on Ericsson’s 5G RAN. The demonstration yielded peak downlink throughput speeds close to 1 Gbps using a single CPE (customer premises equipment) in mid-band spectrum. This marks Xtreme Enterprises first successful commercial trial in the US with near gigabit speeds over a FWA network.  In addition to validating that gigabit speeds are achievable, Sound Broadband and Xtreme demonstrated that with a 2-cell-carrier uplink aggregation, end customers will achieve upload speeds exceeding 100Mbps. Sound Broadband and Xtreme are proud to take this next step towards delivering these new thresholds of speed to customers in rural America. 

“We are very excited about launching our 5G service to customers in New Mexico as well as our California/Oregon markets. We look forward to offering near gigabit speeds to all of our markets under LICT’s spectrum holdings and providing underserved areas with high speed internet in the very near future,” said Dylan Larmore, President, Sound Broadband.

“WNMC is aggressively looking to enhance connectivity and broadband services in the rural and ultra-rural areas of New Mexico that we serve today,” said Daniel Meszler, President of Western New Mexico Communications. “The selection of Ericsson, through our partnership with Xtreme Enterprises, allows us to deploy high-speed, reliable networks with superior uplink and downlink performance.” 
Sound Broadband will operate in nine states through its partners, WNMC, JBN/Giant, Haviland, Cal-Ore, CentraCom, CS Technologies, Central Scott Telephone, Michigan Broadband Services, and Bretton Woods Telephone Company. Sound Broadband is LICT’s newest affiliate, focused on bringing next-generation wireless technology to the existing LICT footprint and expanding new business opportunities with 5G.

David Tews, President of Xtreme Enterprises, commented, “The fixed wireless industry has once again stepped up to meet the speed challenges of rural America. We continue to innovate beyond the expectation of the broadband industry. Many think that Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) has peaked or reached a maximum threshold of throughput and capacity. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Our 3GPP fixed wireless offering is capable of much higher speeds than we saw in our initial testing. As the CPE ecosystem advances we will continue to see improvements in speed.  Combine that with  our close relationship with Ericsson, and we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible. It is our goal to continue to not just meet but exceed the demands of consumers, in the most rural parts of North America.”

“Ericsson invests heavily in research and development to continually bring the most advanced technology to the market,”  said Bill Chotiner, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Customer Unit Regional Carriers, Ericsson North America. “The technology demonstrated at Sound Broadband in this field trial is available today, making it an ideal option for rural carriers to rapidly deploy broadband access in areas where it may not be available today.”

The Ericsson and Xtreme Enterprises agreement to distribute equipment and services nationwide was first announced in October 2019 and is primarily focused on assisting the fixed wireless industry to include rural operators, small utilities, and private networks in obtaining and deploying Ericsson’s 4G and 5G equipment. Xtreme creates a foundation for enabling full, end-to-end broadband deployments, where providers will be able to reach more customers with higher speeds and more capacity, over a wider area of coverage.

Sound Broadband debuts as a forefront competitor in the next generation of connectivity. We provide industry-leading speeds and a world of possibilities with LICT’s vast spectrum portfolio and footprint.