Ericsson Radio System

Xtreme Supports Networks in all licensed frequency bands available in North America.

Building the future of 5G in the USA

Ericsson’s USA 5G Smart factory in Lewisville, Texas is at the forefront of building the next generation of 5G infrastructure. Ericsson is investing in the US to build resilient and secure supply chains, create US jobs, and ensure continued US 5G leadership. With network technology made in Texas, they are committed to driving innovation, economic growth, and technological excellence in the United States.

Products built in the factory are Build America, Buy America (BABA) compliant

Ericsson Radio System for Fixed Wireless

Ericsson has always been at the forefront of emerging technology.  Breaking barriers and setting new standards in radio design and functionality. That is why Xtreme Enterprises has partnered with Ericsson to provide the best portfolio of radio products supporting LTE and NR deployments.


Ericsson radio products that support the CBRS spectrum include the AIR 6488, AIR 3268 and the 4408. Each product offers best in class design, with superior radio performance and power efficiency. Small and smart dimensions, allow for a wide range of mounting scenarios.

CBRS Products

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Ericsson radio products that support the EBS spectrum include the 6419, 8863, 4418 and the 4435. Each product offers best in class design, with superior radio performance and power efficiency. Small and smart dimensions, allow for a wide range of mounting scenarios.

EBS/BRS Products

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DOD and

Ericsson radio products that support N77 Spectrum

DOD & C-BAND Products

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of FWA installations in the USA in the last year were 5G! “Ericsson’s survey reports FWA had a higher consumer loyalty index, 118, than fiber’s (100). Fewer than one in 10 households using 5G FWA would consider terminating their subscription within a year. FWA also had a better cost level index (105), than fiber’s (100).”

Customers Love 5G FWA

In a recent Fierce Network article, Julia King highlights the traction that 5G FWA has made over the last year.  Citing reports and studies compiled by J.D. Power and Ericsson, Fierce Network shows that customers love 5G FWA.  Read full article

J.D. Power found that FWA users have the highest customer satisfaction rates, regardless of their location, with fiber coming in a close second. “While the performance and reliability of both fiber and 5G internet are high, the primary distinguishing factor between connection types is the cost of service,” its report said.


The latest remote and Massive MIMO radios are powered by next-generation Ericsson Silicon with its footprint-reducing, less power-consuming multi-band, and wideband capabilities. 

Ericsson Silicon is built on a custom-made, flexible, and modular architecture. This is what makes Ericsson 5G radio solutions the high performers they are. At the same time, it optimizes weight, size, energy consumption and as a result total cost of ownership (TCO). Compared to industry benchmark, the RAN Compute portfolio consumes 30-60% less power which is enabled by Ericsson Silicon.

Ericsson Silicon chips have security built in right from the start when the hardware is designed. This provides security from the ground up and is not just an add-on software function. 

By building networks with future-proof products from Ericsson, network expansions and upgrades to ever changing technologies are seamless and can be made on the ground – not on the tower.

Slide showing descriptions of Ericsson Silicon that powers the Ericsson Radio System
Office location interior with 5G FWA Private Network


Ericsson is redefining the concept of indoor small cells with the industry's most cost-effective and modular high-performance indoor radio system, addressing a wider range of indoor environments with a common solution. The system has a clear operational benefit for the operators, as well as for IT managers, CIO's, building owners and managers who may be responsible for multi-location business and campuses where buildings can greatly vary in size and user traffic.

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The 5G mmWave can provide multi-gigabit speeds over-the-air with FWA and eliminate the need for fiber. With the large spectrum available, adding mmWave carriers to an existing FWA network is an ideal way of boosting network capacity and providing the top-notch, end-user experience required for high-quality video streaming and more.


The Massive MIMO portfolio offers a wide range of Antenna Integrated Radios for maximum LTE and 5G experience and capacity. It provides a superior architecture optimized for minimum footprint, addressing every need, from urban to rural capacity. The portfolio is powered by Ericsson Silicon, enabling the innovative coverage benefits of the Uplink Booster, making Ericsson Radio System Massive MIMO stronger than ever.

  • Easy deployment with lightweight radios
  • Energy-efficient: up to 20% improved from previous generations
  • Less maintenance with passive cooling
  • Powered by Ericsson Silicon
The Xtreme Enterprises team has over 40 years experience in the telecommunications industry.

Products Ready to Ship

Xtreme Enterprises maintains a 30,000 sqft. warehouse in Pennsylvania with products ready to ship. Get your network up and running in days rather than years.